January 2017

Wool manager’s Report

After two weeks of significant rises in the wool market, this week things came to an abrupt halt. Most of the fall was experienced in the middle micron brackets, with loses of 30-40 cents clean for the 19.5-22 micron range. As reported last week, the finer micron qualities have been leading the way and this...
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Oatlands Sale 19.01.2017 – The results

The second sale at Oatlands for the lamb selling season has certainly been one to remember, not only for the fallen hammer results but for the quality line up of lambs presented by producers. The January sale at Oatlands traditionally sees a majority of lambs, shorn and in light to forward store condition for paddock...
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Wool Manager’s Report

The wool market opened on Tuesday this week with Melbourne again selling in isolation. After last week’s huge rises in the merino categories it was a little of a wait and see approach to see what might happen this week. Some exporters were suggesting that an unchanged market would be a good outcome, while others...
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