In April 2013, Mr Beau Gooch of “Wisedale” Frankford Highway approached Roberts Irrigation with a brief to supply and install a complete irrigation system based on a poly lined pivot irrigator supplied from the on site dam by a diesel pump set. The proposed site is divided by high voltage transmission power lines and towers, so the plan was for a half circle Zimmatic poly lined centre pivot, 700 metres machine length, 12 spans with 26 metre overhang and boosted end gun, irrigating approximately 76 Ha.Water is supplied from Wisedale’s main dam by a JCB powered 4 cyl turbo diesel engine coupled to a Davey 150 x 125 x 315 ISO standard irrigation pump.

Roberts Ltd Irrigation field service staff based in Devonport, completed on site installation of the complete Irrigation package in September 2013. The system was placed into immediate use after completion, irrigating poppies and potato crops.
A liquid based fertigation system was also installed as part of the system, hence the customers requirement for a poly lined Zimmatic pivot Irrigator.A second pivot was on Beau and Anna Gooch’s five year plan if all went well in season one.

After a successful Irrigation season Beau requested a design and quotation for a nine span Zimmatic, 515 metre half circle poly lined irrigator covering approximately 43 Ha. on the western side of the transmission towers.
This second pivot will also apply liquid fertiliser via a dosing pump located at the first pivot site to avoid duplication of equipment.
The main structure and pipe work and mains on the second pivot were installed by Roberts Ltd field service staff and contractors in May 2014.

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