Triguard – Trusted Worm Protection For Your Flock

Sheep and beef operation with a focus on wool, 20,000 sheep and 400 Angus cows.

Roy Freeman, Stonehouse – Oatlands, Tasmania.

Tasmanian livestock farmer Roy Freeman runs 20,000 sheep for wool and 400 Angus cows, and has been using Triguard triple combination drench on all his sheep on rotation from capsules for the past 3 years, and he wouldn’t be without it.

“Triguard has come to be a trusted partner in my day to day running of the farm. It gives me confidence in knowing it can get the job done,” Roy says from Stonehouse, his property in Oatlands, Tasmania.

Triguard has the combined power of three actives – abamectin, oxfendazole and levamisole – delivering highly effective, broad-spectrum worm control even where high levels of resistance are present. It is active against sheep roundworms that have single or dual resistance to the MLs (including moxidectin), benzimidazole or imidazothiazole (levamisole) families of chemicals.

“The triple active component gives me peace of mind with resistance, and the inclusion of selenium and cobalt as a supplement is a bonus as well in instances where the sheep may suffer from deficiency.”

For Roy, Triguard has helped reduce the frequency of drenching required for his sheep, as well as delivering better overall results for his flock.

“I started using Triguard as I was looking for more effective drenches to decrease my drench frequency and improve sheep health and productivity,” Roy says.

“Since I started using Triguard, my drenching routine has changed to using capsules in ewes for pre-lambing, then on average 1-2 other drenches per season, as well as 1-2 per year on dry sheep and 2-3 per year for weaners, depending on crop availability and feed on offer”.

Being located in a region that has a high worm challenge, Roy would need to drench more throughout the year if he wasn’t using a highly effective drenching product.

“This is a real time saver for us, and when you’re saving time, you’re saving money”.

“The fact that it’s there and ready for me to use is also another plus. The dose rate is convenient, making it easy to administer and manage” Roy says.

“I’ve seen increased wool weights and better test results since using Triguard, and our live weights are more stable with less dips and troughs from using ineffective drenches”.

“I can always rely on Triguard, it makes drenching an easy job and leaves me self-assured it will deliver results,” he says.

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