Weekly Livestock update with Warren Johnston

As livestock numbers tighten, the general trend is prices move in the right direction!!  This unfortunately doesn’t seem to be the trend in 2017 with numbers of livestock presenting in markets at almost record lows.  This issue not confined to just Tasmania, with Hamilton in the Western Districts of Victoria known for its record yardings of up to 60,000 lambs per week in the heat of the season yarding just 700 this week, shared between 7 Agency companies.  

Space to kill for all commodities can range from 3-5 weeks with prices dwindling,  although still being in good territory compared to recent years.

Rainfall has been extremely positive for a spring flush predicted with scanning rates for ewes extremely positive and cows to calve are coming out of the winter in good condition.

This week I traveled to Queensland and met some butchers and consumers of Tasmanian Lamb.  The very clear message is they love Tasmanian Lamb and if given the option they will always pick our lamb over other states .

Next Thursday’s Powranna Store cattle sale will go ahead with a small but quality line up of vendor bred cattle .

Saturday 19th August,  Roberts will conduct a vintage and collection items Auction at Jefferies Road, Paradise (Full details Tas Country or on the website).