Wool Report

A National offering of 38,549 bales were offered to the trade which was an increase on last week but, as with other sales in this current season still lagging on last season when compared to the same selling week (-12.5%) The wool market opened solidly on day 1 Wed with exporters taking advantage of the lower currency and a stylish Tasmanian selection on offer however the momentum could not be maintained into day 2 and the market retreated 20-30 cents with particular emphasis on the lowers style less well measured wools.

All micron categories increased seeing merino fleece wools 19.0 to 22 micron overall 10/20c cheaper XB types par to 15c dearer. Skirting types par to 20c dearer and Oddments irregular.

This week we saw the smallest national XB offering in 3 years which saw a selection of Tasmanian wools achieve exceptional results for what were very well grown, prepared and presented wools.

Next week selling in Melbourne, Sydney and Fremantle. A look ahead shows that roster offerings are declining, with 34,857 bales listed for next week.